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Hello, and welcome to my blog.

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Derek Rakey name is Derek Rake. I have been a member of the seduction community since December 2003. I also write books on dating and seduction – you might have heard of “How To Seduce Out Of Your League” book which I published in 2006. A quick Google search on my name will show some of the articles that I have written which got published online.

Here’s how things got started…

Ever since I found the community, my dating life has improved by leaps and bounds. I have dated no less than 200 women in six years, and coached more than 100 men achieve considerable success with women. While I got better with women, I found that the aspects of my life have improved also – this is what known as the ‘spilllover effect’ in the community.


I am telling you that not to boast, but to show that if *I* could do it, anyone can (believe me, I was at the worst ever condition six years ago a man could ever be in – grossly overweight, with ZERO experience with women and close-to-zero social skills), and to become better with women is a worthwhile goal for every man. And in the process, it’s not uncommon to see drastic improvement in other areas of your life too.

But you know what else?

I am thankful to both the community as well as a certain ‘Zen Master’ who has taken me under his wings to teach me absolutely mindblowing shit that I never knew about women. Click here for the full story.

He was the inspiration behind this blog (hence the title Zen & The Art Of Seduction)…I will tell you about his inspiring story in the blog postings.

Why am I doing this?

By writing this blog, I hope to give back by sharing my knowledge and experience with the community. Inside this blog, you will find tips and insights on the topic of dating and seduction – from my personal experience as well as from coaching my clients. These are tried-and-tested and validated-in-real-life stuff we are talking about here, folks.

What’s more…

The content on this blog is free. From time to time, I will also be recommending some external resources (some of which are NOT free) for the benefit of my readers.

Now at the risk of sounding *really* narcissistic, a little bit more about myself…

I  have traveled quite a bit my entire 44 years of life – to the US, UK, all over Europe, UAE, Tunisia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong.

If you’d like to get in touch or just to say hi, here’s my personal email. As you could probably tell, I have absolutely no pretension to be a ‘dating guru’, and I try to reply every email I get, so give it a shot!

Derek Rake's Personal Email

Talk soon, and enjoy your stay here at DerekRake.com!

Your friend,

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